How to make content available with only temporary connections between nodes

Hi, one question related to pinning: I have a gateway on IPFS node A, and I have some data added to node B. I can do a manual connection between A and B, and then the content will be available through the gateway on node A easily as long as A and B are directly connected.

But such connections are temporary by design, and I consider it a bit awkward to do reconnections periodically by a cron job or so. What can happen now: If there is no longer a a direct connection between A and B, my data is only partially reachable by gateway on node A, but not completely!!! Node B remains live, but there is no direct connection between A and B any more.

So node A starts searching for the content, but we are running into a timeout. Of course, pinning on node A would help. But that is not really a good solution also, because it somehow centralizes data storage. What’s your opinion on that?

The solution seems to be part of the 0.6.0 release :grinning: