How to make the content be online even if the creator unplugged?

  1. is there any way to have the content available in the network even if the original publisher offline?
  2. if some content getting to be viral, and thousadns of people will hit me to watch that video - that crates huge load on my node… what is the solution for it?
  1. Make the content viral
  2. Do nothing.

When IPFS nodes access your content, they will cache it for some time (until they run out of space or trigger a manual garbage collect). When someone look for it, they can find it at any of these node, even if you go offline :slight_smile: If they “pin” it, they will try to keep it no matter what, so you can encourage people to pin your content to maximize the chances of it being available to others.

For the same reason, they can fetch the content from other nodes, so you shouldn’t be overwhelmed if it goes viral. :slight_smile: