How to point ipfs-cluster-ctl to a custom path?

I have changed IPFS_CLUSTER_PATH to ~/.ipfs-cluster1. But, ipfs-cluster-ctl is not taking that path. How to point ipfs-cluster-ctl to this path?

ipfs-cluster-ctl does not use any configuration or configuration path. It does not need to read any configuration (unlike ipfs-cluster-service). It is fully controlled with the command flags.

Hi Hector,
i tried using $ ipfs-cluster-ctl --host “/ip4/” command to change the host to point to “8094” port from default “9094” but its not taking this as input and still pointing to the default port. Is the format in which we are providing the input is correct ?

Got it. So we have to use it like this. ipfs-cluster-ctl --host “/ip4/” peers ls

Yes, --host is a global option so it must be use before the subcommands. From --help:

ipfs-cluster-ctl [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]