How to properly config IPFS' DNS Link?

I have the subdomain, but even with IPFS Desktop+Companion enabled, it isn’t redirecting to IPFS.

enter image description here also had an TXT record and isn’t redirecting.

How to config it properly?

Your screenshot looks correct, however, these records are not getting propagated (dig TXT shows nothing).

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are correct?

@hector, should I also replace the A record with an A / AAAA / CNAME pointing to an IPFS node, as pointed here?

Also pointed: “the TXT record doesn’t exist when I query it: perhaps there is some DNS caching issue?”

Seems to work now.

You can set an ALIAS record to an existing gateway as mentioned here: DNSLink Standard, or run your own gateway (and set an A record).

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Yes, I’ve contacted the host company and they manually put it to work (?)
Hope the next time I don’t need to ask again.

And thanks for letting me know that my TXT entries were correct.

Will research about this, thanks.