How to re-initialize IPFS node with same repository on page refresh

I am building a browser-based application that is using js-ipfs to allow users to provide their content to the network by sharing the CID. I want the ability to have repo continuity between page refreshes. What I have been doing, and what I have seen most online is
const node = IPFS.create(repo: Math.random())

I would like to be able to re-initialize the node from the previous repo, but I cannot find how to do it without creating a new repo in the process. The Repo mechanic is something that is very useful to my application, and something that I want manual control over by creating a new repo whenever the files are finalized.

When a new node is created, does it resume streaming the contents of all existing repos in indexedDB?
If not, I would like to be able to resume streaming all repos to the node on page restart.

Thank you.

I believe I’ve answered this here.