How to send and receive message when discovered a node, peer communication on js-ipfs-http-client

It seems that js-ipfs-http-client doesn’t expose libp2p, so pubsub-room cannot be used.

Pubsub looks not working here. Any example ?

you need to be sure your IPFS daemon enable experimental feature to use pub-sub i think

I have already enabled it, of course
I checked

PS D:\go-ipfs> ipfs pubsub peers

There’s only one peer.Is there anything wrong

Could you test it with me ? I run ipfs pubsub sub abc. I don’t know if it will work when you pub something

I am trying to implement ZeroNet here, but it has to broadcast the new content of a site or get the information from another peer while connecting to it.

Is pubsub really working ?


I suddenly found that I can also use IPNS to do that.

ipns cannot resolve …