How will a decentralized web browser support multiple p2p protocols and blockchains?

There are many emerging peer-to-peer protocols and blockchains besides IPFS and Ethereum. Examples: EOS, GunDB, Holochain, RChain, Tendermint, Dat. My understanding is that these are all building blocks which dapp developers can choose from and the decentralized web will support them all. However this requires that future Dweb browsers are compatible with every existing and new p2p protocol which comes along. It doesn’t seem realistic to hardcode every new protocol into future Dweb browsers. And requiring users to install a plugin at every turn makes for horrible user experience.

So how will this be done?

If it’s support isn’t hard coded into the browser, it has to be done via an extension. Also blockchain, web 3.0, and p2p protocols we use right now (like IPFS) are not very user friendly. Before web browsers support this kind of stuff for the mainstream, the usability aspect needs to be solved.

side note: EOS is never a good choice. it’s glorified multi-master replicated postgresql trash