I can't find any speed comparison with http [down|up]load

It seems that it’s work speed high enough(ipfs add/get)
But can someone provide any real actual speed comparison between traditional http file upload and download and using ipfs?
It will be very useful!

Ideally it can be faster than downloading resources from a single server, as IPFS relies on a peer-to-peer network… but it depends on how spread are the files and the resources/specs of each peer :wink:

I am interested as well to look at actual data/comparison if any official data is already there.
[Would be cool also to use it to compare different versions of IPFS]

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Yeah, agree with that.

And before IPFS nodes start downloading file, it takes some time to find the locations of the slices of file with DHT.
HTTP protocol also need to find the location of file by resolving DNS, but it’s much faster than IPFS, I think.

And IPFS nodes will download “Duplicate Data”, which lead to lower performance.