I can't start IPFS Cluster application

I am trying to run a local ipfs cluster on my machine, according to the tutorial. To do that, I need to install the ipfs-cluster-ctl application, which is the command line interface. I have downloaded it for Windows 64bit, but after unzipping the folder and double-clicking the application to start, it doesn’t start up. And without it up and running, I can’t set up a local ipfs cluster. Please, can anybody who has had a similar experience suggest what could be going on? Thanks.

you don’t double click it, instead ctrl + r to open run, then run cmd, which is a command line tool that comes with windows, then you type cd to put the command line on the directory you are working on as example : cd c:<directory> then you put in the executable name as example : ipfs-cluster.exe and it runs
but for it to actually run you might need to use it with the option --daemon and also if you are on windows consider using ipfs-desktop unless you are working on a server

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in which case it would be your job to somehow make the process auto start and run in background etc

I found a documentation for u :

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Thanks, but can I set up a local ipfs cluster with ipfs desktop app?

You can. Ipfs desktop runs ipfs too, you got yourself a node.
I think ipfs-cluster is smaller & fits on a server.
You still have functionality that you would usually use, but cluster is different than ipfs desktop, for example you can visit this website through I can't start IPFS Cluster application - #5 by Ifeanyi - ipfs-cluster - discuss.ipfs.io if you have ipfs-desktop and ipfs-companion installed (in browser), it fits the roles of desktop app, while in a server enviornment you might be running a nerfed version that can get content on this CID QmSqMKsVKjpScAXdQSxVa6iY6BopvF6NnF3pQB4PVcB93s but you are not actually allowed to visit the website I don’t think you can I think it’s hard

Following the tutorial, I am trying to run an ipfs cluster with docker. This is the tutorial I am trying to follow. I am totally new to ipfs, and so I apologise if I am not quickly grasping your explanations:

Server infrastructure | IPFS Docs

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Please, whenever good for you, thanks.

Would u like to join our discord and there’s a bunch people who can help you.
I lack the experience to.

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Or I can get more people to help you if you don’t wanna join the discord

Hi, please I don’t mind you getting people to help me on this one, thanks

It is very difficult to help you because you don’t explain what actual problem you have.

You seem to have very little experience running command line applications or docker on your system, which is not an IPFS problem. You have been given a tip about how to run from the console and have not acknowledged what you have tried or not.

The only help we can give is to recommend that you spend time reading about command line applications, docker and how it works on Windows. There are comprehensive documentation and tutorials all over the place… Then you should re-read the ipfs and cluster documentation until the concepts are clear, and ask if you have doubts.

Thanks, but being inexperienced at something is not a crime, even when you are not grasping concepts/methods quickly. Just giving helpful pointers will do, if you must.

Sorry if I sounded harsh, but the messages above are literally giving you useful pointers.

It’s fine. I will find a way around it somehow, thanks