I just installed the ipfs desktop software but I do not understand how I am suddenly connected to 500+ other peers and what is the incoming and outgoing data that is going/coming in to and from my machine

Title. What is the incoming and outgoing data from my machine? If this is supposed to be like bittorrent then why am I sending out (or receiving) bytes of data when I’ve got no files, I’ve downloaded nothing and I haven’t viewed any webpages? Also why does the ipfs desktop software take such space (250+Mb)? Other than that, is there a way that I can limit my .ipfs folder in my users folder to take less space? Over time I do not want it to take more than 500mb of space.

That traffic is just IPFS protocol traffic (it’s not file content data being exchanged).

You can limit the size of the IPFS repository with the Datastore.StorageMax config param.

What are the disadvantage of doing that?

If you put a limit on the repo size, you won’t be able to pin new content once the repo is “full”, i think that’s how it’s supposed to work.

I’m not sure exactly how internally this is handled (better ask kubo devs).

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You can still pin new content if you go over, that limit serves as a trigger for garbage collection to run (if enabled).

Thanks @Discordian. So it’s not possible to limit the storage size for pinned content right ? Seems reasonable to give that responsibility to the user controling the repository.

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No problem! Yes, your interpretation is correct :slight_smile:.

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