IIIF Toronto Working Meeting Follow-up

We’ve just had our IIIF Working Meeting in Toronto and I wanted to write a quick follow-up as IPFS came up a couple of times.

During the Discovery session it was decided to pursue IIIF Collections + Activity Streams to build a search index/registry. The problem of centralising this registry was raised and distributed file systems were proposed as a potential solution, see notes:

Perhaps we could extend the ipfs-iiif-db example to build such a registry using activity streams on a CRDT instead of annotations.

Drew Winget and I also had a discussion regarding how to run a go-ipfs daemon and “upload” files to it via a HTTP interface. Drew needs this for Mirador to save annotations, and I need it for my HoloLens mobile app to save collections. Using js-ipfs in-browser isn’t seeming like the right path for me as (I seem to remember) it doesn’t work in Safari yet, and I need to persist the data beyond individual browser sessions. Js-ipfs-api works on localhost, but you get a security error when the page is hosted elsewhere. Could you point us in the direction of a secure nodejs “middle man” server to interface with go-ipfs?

hello you can see that :

it’s two electron app to download, add and manage your CID’s with wysiwyg application. it’s open source : you can participate to development.


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Lumpy developer here!
More than happy if you have any question :slight_smile:

Hey! I think we’ve solved the issue with uploading files using js-ipfs-api. I’m also thinking about making a demo of synced collections for an upcoming conference - so I think we’re all good :slight_smile: