I'm developing a ranked choice voting app on IPFS: Hivemind

Hi all,

I’m making a ranked choice voting app on top of IPFS.
More information here: www.thehivemind.com

Android version is now available on Google Play, iOS version will follow soon(ish)

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That looks like a great concept, and reminds me of something that would be cool on “meetup.com” but I can’t remember if meetup has voting for group decisions or not yet…sometimes people need to come to a consensus in a good organized way, rather than just discussing (regarding meetups and group activities, etc).

Thanks for sharing the product and keep us posted!


We have a similar project (in a less advanced stage) for the “civic” tech and the implementation of the “Rousseau’s Social Contract” over IPFS …
it use a median voting approach (like Condorcet’s voting system too)

it’s purpose is to make “proposed text” percolate on the top according to people

A crude proof of concept at http://list.fairNet.ml.ipns.localhost:8080/welcome.html

Maybe we could partner for the next stage :slight_smile:

@michelc I didn’t really expand on my concept but the ‘voting’ thing would be super easy to implement in Quanta, because it already has the paradigm of rather than using revision marks (like Microsoft Word Online does, and Google Docs) to mark out a sentence and replace with a new one, Quanta lets you create “sub nodes” under any sentence, so the document is tree nodes all the way down to the sentence level. Having a “SuggestedChange” node type and then implementing “up votes” on nodes (total of 1 - 4 days of work), would turn it into a fully democratic way to compose documents.

@wclayf everything as a tree it is nice for revision,
it looks similar to the internal of etherpad, we words are tree leaves !

in fact that is also how legal system subdivide laws in to codes, sections, articles, alienas etc.
the ideas is to pick the “atomic” element suitable of the application.

most of the work is on the UI and the rending of versions diff, comparisons etc.

Right, I’ve known for years Quanta (or something very similar) is the best way to author legislation (law). Every sentence should be traceable back to who originally wrote it. You could even envision a pure democracy where every citizen voted and it was on a blockchain.

Currently US Law is created with zero accountability. The big K-Street lobbyists write the legislation to benefit big business and then the politicians just sign the papers and pretend they have no idea how all that pork and crazy spending got in there. I guess this is an inappropriate forum for politics, but mentioning this as a potential product need/use of IPFS and blockchains should be acceptable for me to point out.

yes indeed I am 100% with you on this, an other important point for authoring legislation is that every words should be linked to an “immutable” dictionary that defined the word without ambiguity. and IPFS can provide theses links too.

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