Instant availability of object from js-ipfs (browser) after go-ipfs adds it

Hi folks,

I have a go-ipfs node running on AWS, and to this node I’m adding files constantly. I believe that ipfs pins these files permanently on this node when they’re added.

I have a js-ipfs node running in the browser, which is able to get objects from the network. However, I cannot get the files added to the go-ipfs instantaneously from the browser after they were added. The browser node is able to get the files after what I believe is to be some kind of caching on other nodes. (I believe this because the browser was able to get the file after I accessed the hash from one of the big public gateways)

Anyways, I think the solution lies in adding my go-ipfs node as a bootstrapper on the browser node, however this did not work, probably due to networking issues.

How can I do this? I want the browser node to look for the file FIRST on my own node.

Thank you

I think that this is the solution:

However, I need some more details. Can someone explain the steps more in detail?

Thank you

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