Inter-Planetary Version Control: an experiment making a git-like DVCS on IPFS

I’ve been tinkering on this DVCS experiment using IPFS, something “almost, but not quite, entirely unlike” git. I started calling it IPVC, later finding some discussion about a similar concept with the same name, but not sure if anything happened with it.

It’s not quite usable yet, but I thought that in this case perfect is the enemy of good, and it’s probably best to get some feedback before continuing on.

In essence, my aim is basically to match git, but perhaps try to make it a bit easier to use. I found this paper on gitless, which served as some inspiration.

In the end I’d like to use this for large collaborative repositories of different kinds of media and structured data. Anybody else interested in that sort of use case?

I’m interested in feedback regarding things like use cases, usability etc.