IPFS Archiving project status?

Hi, I’ve been out of the loop for a while now (because of covid). What happened to the IPFS Archiving project? GitHub - ipfs-inactive/archives: [ARCHIVED] Repo to coordinate archival efforts with IPFS
I can’t find any information about why it was archived; if the project failed; If the working group moved to somewhere else; Or what the overall status of this project is.

Also, is IPFS still used outside of the crypto scene? It looks like IPFS was degraded to only be a part of crypto projects like filecoin and NFTs and not have any independent standing anymore. Is this really the case?

It is not the case.

For archiving, there is at least a decentralized version of Libgen on IPFS, where even searching is decentralized: http://libgen.crypto (ipfs://bafybeifaxsen4np54stc43phpnn3rh2crxie34d74yki43dultrh4vglqy/ )

Archive.org is also interested in IPFS, though it is preliminary (The Decentralized Web: An Introduction - Internet Archive Blogs )

There is also a project to archive human voice (Voice Gems: A 1000 Year Archive - Harry Yeff - YouTube)

Then IPFS, is already used for many things beyond crypto.
One example I like is the preservation of human right (Decentralization and Human Rights - Jonathan Dotan, Phoebe Poon, Xavi Vives - YouTube)
See for example this video for a very broad overview (The State of IPFS Ecosystem - Molly Mackinlay - YouTube)

There are many more.