IPFS automatically generated a directory names ipfs

I uploaded a folder recently named “images” with some images inside it. But when I clicked on share link button related to this folder, I found that the URL was something like this:

Here IPFS created directory like /ipfs/ but it should be like /images/. I think. Can you explain why is it?

Actually, I don’t want any directory at all. Is it possible while uploading a folder or I have to upload files instead of the folder containing all files? Please tell me.


/ipfs/ and /ipns/ will always be part of the path.

Can I use this URL to access a file? I saw it in many youtube videos while using them. But it is not working for me.


ipfs:// is part of a protocol scheme, in url they do this to indicate what protocol you are using.

You know, people try to be cool, so people who made ipfs think they made a new internet and they’ve started thinking that it’s a new protocol that belongs to a new internet even though browsers don’t support it yet (if you use brave browser it works).

So you will need to install ipfs compamion for it to work.