IPFS-based Ceramic Network launches testnet

Hi all – we’re super excited that after a year of development, Ceramic Network’s Clay testnet is now live! We’d love to have folks from the IPFS community building and testing early on, as it’s built heavily on IPFS and should be a complementary tool for many dweb projects. Here’s the official announcement and twitter thread.

For those who aren’t familiar, Ceramic is a public, permissionless, censorship-resistant network for managing mutable information on the open internet. By combining IPFS, libp2p, blockchain, DIDs, and authenticated (signed/encrypted) data standards, Ceramic gives developers an easy way to manage dynamic, verifiable, decentralized data. Ceramic can be used with any blockchain and with any variety of file storage and database systems.

IDX (idx.xyz), a protocol for cross-platform decentralized identity and interoperable user data built on top of Ceramic, is also now in beta. The IDX SDK is a useful tool for adding decentralized identity functionality to your already existing application, and is an easy entry point to get started with Ceramic. IDX currently runs on the Clay testnet, so it has the same guarantees as Ceramic and will move to production when mainnet launches.

To get started, jump into the docs and try out the demo app there. Can’t wait to hear what feedback folks have.