IPFS blog: Take a look at pubsub on IPFS

The official IPFS blog just posted an article:

Take a look at pubsub on IPFS

Oddly enough the blog post points at this server to discuss the article, but not one set up a post to for people to discuss it. So discuss it here.


Both of these threads are about pubsub and CRDTs:

pub-sub certainly looks interesting, how does it compare to Whisper or other messaging systems? Only in that it doesn’t allow p2p direct communication?
Usually pub-sub systems have certain guarantees regarding delivery and persistence, is this expected from IPFS pub/sub as well? So, “how much” can a consumer rely on it?

Following up on this thread, get up to date on the latest PubSub primitives by reading the “Distributed PubSub Primitives” post at https://ipfs.io/blog/29-js-ipfs-pubsub/

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Pubsub is just a protocol. It’s closer to UDP multicast than messaging protocols. If you want to compare it to a messaging protocol, compare it to an open IRC channel that other programs use for networking.

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