IPFS Desktop and IPNS

I am trying to map a “Qm…” hash under a IPNS hash with IPFS Desktop application.
Is this possible? Because, I do not found a relative option in application.

Another question:
I have the link for a site “/ipns/…”.
Where I place this, to go to that site?
I suspected that something must exist before. Something like “http://ipfs_dns_server/ipfs/…”.

Basically, I am not very sure that I understand the whole concept of IPNS.
If I want a unique name for my mutable directory structure, I must register in a server, a map of a hash of a signature to a hash of header of my directory hierarchy? What server? Web server? IPFS gateway? or else? What if this server goes down? What if this server decides to remove my mapping?

Thanks a lot! I am new to this group of protocols.

PS: Sorry for many questions in one post, but they are a little bit relative.

I don’t have time to give a fuller answer, but basically think of the BitTorrent “model” for data sharing and that’s pretty accurate, in general, as an analogy of IPFS. There’s no “big DB in the cloud” (no blockchain), it’s only a bunch of gateways collaborating to provide files. If you publish something, on your instance and then shut down your instance, the file might not be accessible (like Bittorrent).

The ‘/ipns/’ is just the normal url gateways use to present files from. So a “gateway” is analogous to a BitTorrent client. Hope this helps some. And one tip: Don’t try to do IPNS until you fully understand the other basics first!

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