Ipfs file rm, how come I can still be able to read the file after it

I added a file using http-api equivalent of ipfs file write,
then I deleted it using http-api quivalent of ipfs file rm,
which I saw it dissapear in my ipfs desktop, the file seems already deleted, but when I paste the hash of the file that I added QmZbAJmUk3A5rWUQPmkjVMXKMnxenaoQXT8iKiENScU69f I still see it.
So was it deleted on my computer?
or was it still on someone else’s

It’s still in the cache. If you really want it completely gone right now, you need to “gc” the cache.

oh, wait but if I never click gc to clear cache it just use all my disk space

I know you can enable auto collection but I am using desktop version

The desktop version runs the daemon with gc enabled by default. What it will do depends on your config file:

"GCPeriod": "1h",
"StorageGCWatermark": 90,
"StorageMax": "10GB"

Those defaults mean that your cache can contain at most 10GB, and that every hour, it will run the GC on it if it is at least 90% full.

You are right.
This actual makes me worry free knowing it’s not going to take up a lot of space, I don’t have to manually click garbage collect which for small files they might just have a chance to live on my ipfs forever.
You’ve been helping me out a lot lately, and I am figuring things out on my own too, I want to say thank you and I will apologize to you that I didn’t sound like I was making sense yesterday when I was asking questions and making posts I was drunk and I didn’t go to bed and I took a nightquil