IPFS files API not working as intended

So I am trying to list my directories with ipfs.files.ls, I am giving it an options object with long: true but it keeps displaying only directory name

import { Action } from ‘kawax-js’;
import ipfs from ‘…/ipfs’;

class DirectorySearch extends Action {

static type = ‘SEARCHDIR’;

call = async (path) => {
const directory = await ipfs.files.ls("/", {
long: true
return directory;


export default DirectorySearch;

This is my code, does anybody have any clue as to what might be the problem?

P.S - I have tested it in cmd and there I get the hashes of the directories

could you share code in …/ipfs please

Sure thing!

import IPFSAPI from ‘ipfs-api’;

const ipfs = IPFSAPI(‘localhost’, 5001, { protocol: ‘http’ });

export default ipfs;