IPFS gateway very slow

I was trying out IPFS the other day and the file retrieval is very slow, I tired many files, some where able to be retrieved from a remote gateway in less than 2 mins but other can take up to 40 mins. The files used were less than 10MB.
The setup was me publishing the file on to the public network on my local IPFS node (My node has been live for a long time, more than half a day). Then I tried access the file via the hash on public gateways (I’ve tried around 8 different gateways).
One thing to note is that once one gateway has the file, all other gateways will also get the file instantly.
I think this has something to do with the Kademlia DHT? But from my understanding of DHT it shouldn’t be this slow.
Sorry if this has been posted anywhere else, any thought is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

The DHT is slow when you’re going through the initial discovery process. The upcoming IPFS 0.4.19 release should more than likely speed things up.

In my experience, gateways are almost instant. We host 300mb, even 1gb files. With almost instant load times, and easy 20mB/s through a gateway like cloudflares. What you need to do is deploy many servers. At least 3, but hopefully 50, ipfs swarm connect peer, then grab the .txt of all the pins and ipfs pin add to each node, wait for each node to cache, before doing grabbing on gateways.