IPFS-GO on Docker on Synology DS1618+

I’m new to GO-IPFS and Docker on Synology. I’ve downloaded the latest version (0.4.22) and launched it without changing any of the parameters in Docker. The launch looks fine but I’m unable to communicate with the deamon. Below is the log I get after launch.

  • I’ve forwarded ports 4001 and 8080 to my Synology.
  • Docker does open a terminal window but entering anything in there does not cause anything to happen.
  • The commands I type do become visible in the log.
  • What I notice further that the time displayed is 2 hours behind.
  • I can not access the webui via http://[ip of synology]:5001/webui

What is missing or wrong?

|2019-10-20 08:54:15|stdout|swarm seeds|
|2019-10-20 08:52:51|stdout|Daemon is ready|
|2019-10-20 08:52:51|stdout|Gateway (readonly) server listening on /ip4/|
|2019-10-20 08:52:51|stdout|WebUI:|
|2019-10-20 08:52:51|stdout|API server listening on /ip4/|
|2019-10-20 08:52:51|stdout|Swarm announcing /ip4/|
|2019-10-20 08:52:51|stdout|Swarm announcing /ip4/|
|2019-10-20 08:52:51|stdout|Swarm listening on /p2p-circuit|
|2019-10-20 08:52:51|stdout|Swarm listening on /ip4/|
|2019-10-20 08:52:51|stdout|Swarm listening on /ip4/|
|2019-10-20 08:52:50|stdout|Golang version: go1.12.7|
|2019-10-20 08:52:50|stdout|System version: amd64/linux|
|2019-10-20 08:52:50|stdout|Repo version: 7|
|2019-10-20 08:52:50|stdout|go-ipfs version: 0.4.22-|
|2019-10-20 08:52:50|stdout|Initializing daemon…|
|2019-10-20 08:52:41|stdout||
|2019-10-20 08:52:41|stdout|ipfs cat /ipfs/QmS4ustL54uo8FzR9455qaxZwuMiUhyvMcX9Ba8nUH4uVv/readme|
|2019-10-20 08:52:41|stdout||
|2019-10-20 08:52:41|stdout|to get started, enter:|
|2019-10-20 08:52:30|stdout|peer identity: **********************************************************
|2019-10-20 08:52:30|stdout|generating 2048-bit RSA keypair…done|
|2019-10-20 08:52:29|stdout|initializing IPFS node at /data/ipfs|
|2019-10-20 08:52:29|stdout|ipfs version 0.4.22|
|2019-10-20 08:52:28|stdout|Changing user to ipfs|

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Ok, in the meantime I discovered that I have to change the default port settings for the Docker container. I had local ports set to ‘auto’. I now have them to the same ports (4001, 5001, 8080, 8081) respectively. I’ve been able to add files using C# code and request them back via the host:8080/ipfs/[hash]. Works perfectly. I’m also able to open the webui. Console still stays a problem though.

The webui opens but complains it can not access the API.