IPFS + IPNS for Private Data Storage

Hello, I’m newbie in IPFS related stuff, i want IPFS as a solution of secure private decentralized storage for my platform with the few things kept in mind.

  1. In my platform using IPFS, let say user owned the private data on the IPFS with few modified that result in new hash each time, i want history of hashes related to user data must be concealed from world, they can only access data via name (that will point to new hash) using IPNS because data will be encrypted using some key if it get stolen then hacked can get decrypt modified data accessible through history of hashes. if we concealed history of hashes from world then user can perform recovery method with new key that will lead to new hash with new encryption.

  2. If data is a private agreement between two parties then hash should only be accessible by these two parties which will be immutable using IPFS.

I don’t know the stuff i want to do with IPFS are possible or not but hope can find a solution.