IPFS is a promising project

IPFS is a promising project.
But before we recall how bit spirit failed.
The failure of bit spirit is that the download speed can not meet the demand.
Download speed is slow because public network nodes and bandwidth are too few.
Because people who upload documents do not get the rewards they deserve.
It includes bandwidth and file storage space.
But I think providing uploading is the key to reward.
That is to say, those who provide bandwidth should receive generous rewards.
His reward comes from the man who gets the document.
The characteristic of P2P download is that the download channel comes from a scattered tree structure.
How to assign rewards to tree structures is a big problem.
I don’t think P2P must be associated with mining.
He should combine directly with the mature currency system such as bitcoin, ether currency and so on.
Money is used to reward the downloader.
The person who downloads the file has to pay for the downloader.
Establishing such a payment system is the most promising thing for IPFS.

For example, the following scenario:
I want to download a file.
And created a token to store 0.1 eth. in this token.
And create 20 sha256 encrypted random numbers.
Anyone who gave me one of the documents 1/20.
I’ll give him the original sha256.
He can go to token and get the reward with the original.
Until all the documents have been completed.

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At the moment, the only incentive is that peers want to make the data available. For example, you might choose to store and serve wikipedia because you want to help other users access it.

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Maybe the incentive problem can be solved with Filecoin.