IPFS : limit access to data without encryption

Hi, for a project based mainly on ipfs (private cluster) I need to find a way to limit access to some data.
A data will have two owners. Owners need to have a permanent access to theirs datas.
Sometimes others users will need to access it, the access will be granted only if they meet somes requirements.

For this kind of data, I need them to be unencrypted.
I know that limiting access to data is actually impossible (Possibility to restrict file access for users in network).

So, do you know if this will be possible in the futur to limit access to unencrypted data?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

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You could attribute a key pair for all users or groups.
Each time someone is allowed to access some data, then record it encrypted with corresponding pubic key.

It will add storage capacity needs… But could fulfill your need?

Hi qo-op, thanks for your suggestion.
When the project will work, the number of data available will be really huge.
A non-owner user access will be granted sometimes for 1000 or perhaps more files.
We can’t upload those files enrypted with a key, because each users will not have access to the same files.

Limiting the access to the data is a keypoint of the project.

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Hey there,

I bit doubt that there is any solution for this problem that does not include encryption. IPFS is an open system, where if you know the hash and the peers around have it, they will share it.

One option is to have closed IPFS cluster, but that only limit general access to data and does not provide any fine-grain access management.

One interesting project that tackle this (but with encryption) on IPFS is https://github.com/Peergos/Peergos
Check it out :wink: