Ipfs name publish does not publish to peerID

I am trying to publish a file on my ipfs node. In order to do so I use the following commands:
ipfs add someFile.txt
// added <someHash> someFile.txt
ipfs name publish <someHash>
// Published to <notPeerID>: /ipfs/<someHash>
I get the weird behavior that ipfs name publish does not use the peerID to publish the file to. It is not the peerID ipfs id returns. Also does not look like a normal ipfs hash either, it does not start with ‘Qm’ but ‘k’. Anyone have an idea what I could try to fix that?

It’s unclear which value you’re asking about, but you shouldn’t see your peerId in any of the output. As long as you can do ‘ipfs name resolve’ then it’s working. Please post the example publish and resolve commands and let us know which output was unexpected.

This looks like a duplicate post from Stack Overflow where the correct answer was posted by @dietrich.

As of go-ipfs 0.7, IPNS paths encode the key name as a base36 CIDv1 (k…) instead of base58 (Qm…).

You can read more about this here - there’s a section on exactly this change: https://blog.ipfs.io/2020-09-24-go-ipfs-0-7-0/