IPFS node connected to dedicated and public network


I want to setup ipfs gateways that are able to deliver content from dedicated ipfs networks and public network.

From what I’ve read it’s impossible to have public node sharing content from a dedicated network (with private swarm.key) and the public ipfs network.

I was wondering if instead of a dedicated ipfs network, I setup an ipfs network that is not reachable, I mean with private IP addresses. So some of my ipfs nodes are linked to this network and internet.

My gateways then would be able to deliver content from our dedicated IPFS servers and from the global IPFS network.

I wanted to know if that’s possible after reading this article Dedicated IPFS Networks. Scaling Through Network Specialization | by Matt Ober | Pinata | Medium
where I understood that to optimize my ipfs networks it would be a good idea to have dedicated networks.
The only thing I don’t understand is how to link a dedicated network with public network.

I hope I’m clear :slight_smile:


It’s probably better to refer to a “dedicated network” as a private network then it becomes immediately obvious that you can’t do what you’re asking for. ie. “I want to setup ipfs gateways that are able to deliver content from a private ipfs network and the public network”. If you can reach it from the public network then it’s not private.

What exactly are you looking to do? You could probably bridge between a public and private network with a quick script and CAR files where if you wanted something published from the private network on the public network it would export it was a CAR file from the private network and pin it to the public one.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

What I’m looking to do is related to the linked article. The idea is to lower the load of my ipfs node by putting them in a private network. I don’t know if it’s a good idea but it seems to make my private nodes very fast.
Shall my gateways be private to have a fast access to my content for my apps instead ?