IPFS node/Peer storage calculations inside a cluster

I have created a IPFS cluster with 3 peers attached to it and a gateway for consuming the content.

Now using the cluster API I can get the ‘freespace’ available on any peer but i want to calculate the actual storage space provided by any peer.

i.e PeerA provides 10GB , PeerB provides 15GB

There is no direct information available through the CLUSTER API other than ‘freespace’ available on any peer.

Is there any way to calculate the MaxStorage by a Peer !?

MaxStorage comes directly from the value set in the ipfs configuration, so it should be known to you.

Thankyou @hector , I was able to understand that why StorageMax is not provided in metrics , resource was helpful .

MaxStorage is known only for peers that I have added to cluster for other users to join the cluster I need to calculate the storage size . I guess I need to sort it out using ‘cid status’ api and see if peers have stored it and calculate the size from CID .

ultimate goal is to calculate the stored size on any peer .
please let me know if there is any better way to do this .
Thank You

Open a new issue. I think this is information that could be added to the information from peers displayed in peers ls.

New Issue Opened : How to calculate the size of pins stored in peers attached to cluster?

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