IPFS NodeId Change Cryptoalgo

I would like to know how to change the cryptoalgo that IPFS is using.

The reason is the following. I would like to develop somewhat a publishing service as a decentralized app. I am going to use a blockchain of some cryptocurrency as a backbone to store thr meta-data of user requests. I never understood the purpose of things like Ethereum. Smart Contracts are ugly. It would be much better to use a pair of asymettric keys BOTH for cryptocurrency and for node of IPFS. That way there is no need to store hash of the file on IPFS, since the blockchain will store that Node Id of IPFS on itself. It will provide the source (node is of a client), the destination (node id of a server) and a timestamp (the amount of money transferred I consider just as an additional field to store the data). I am talking about emulation of HTTP POST-requests for decentralized apps.

The only problem in such a case is that cryptoalgo of IPFS is incompatible with any cryptocurrrncies so that I cannot take a hash of public key on a blockchain a translate it into the node id of IPFS. So that is why I have to understand how to make a fork of IPFS so to make it compatible with say Bitcoin. Can someone point out what have to be done to change the cryptoalgo of IPFS from RSA (right?) to ECC (that is using in Bitcoin)?

Of course such a fork will be incompatible with master IPFS, but its not the issue.

Any thoughs on a subject will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.