IPFS on Azure ls and cat hang

I’m running IPFS on a linux VM on Azure, but I can get ls and cat to work, they just hang. I’ve opened ports 4001 and 8080 TCP in the firewall but the only thing that works is cat.jpg I can’t get the readme etc

Are cat.jpg and readme in the same directory?

I’m a little unclear on your question…sorry.

Please elaborate in detail so I can try to help you better…if I can. :slight_smile:


In the setup document an example is given of retrieving cat.jpg
ie. ipfs cat /ipfs/QmW2WQi7j6c7UgJTarActp7tDNikE4B2qXtFCfLPdsgaTQ/cat.jpg >cat.jpg

This works for me, but cat /ipfs/<HASH>/readme just hangs as does ipfs ls

I can list my swarm peers if that helps

my id is QmRdzqKJPVzjaUJsfFDyUdvZdAn3eidAAyQtehNczv2hmc

The answer to my question is that these commands are not hanging, just taking hours and hours to complete. If you run ipfs please leave it running 24/7


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Please go through this link: https://medium.com/microsoftazure/distributed-web-host-your-website-with-ipfs-clusters-cloudflare-and-devops-edb3a60e9ae5
I hope it will give information regarding your query,
Please free feel to ask anything about Azure and linux. I am always there to help you.

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