`ipfs shutdown` command not shutting down `ipfs daemon --enable-gc`

Step 1: Running ipfs daemon with autogc enabled in bg: ipfs daemon --enable-gc &

Step 2: Trying to shutdown ipfs gracefully: ipfs shutdown. Gives no output.

Step 3: Lets try again.
ipfs shutdown

Error: daemon not running

Step 4: But ps -ef shows ipfs still running !!

Step 5: Must use the good ole killall.
killall ipfs

Received interrupt signal, shutting down…
(Hit ctrl-c again to force-shutdown the daemon.)

ipfs version

ipfs version 0.9.1

Is this a bug?

Works fine for me, how long after having started it do you try to close it ?
You need IPFS to have fully started in order to stop it (that an already known bug).

12 mins. Launch daemon at 11:53, tried ipfs shutdown at 12:05. The problem persists.

BTW, I am using Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS in WSL2.