IPFS System Requirements?

I was running ipfs daemon on a university server for research until the process was shut down by its administrator due to excess consumption of CPU and RAM. To run again, I’ll need to give an estimate of CPU and RAM usage.

  1. How much CPU and RAM does ipfs daemon typically consume in a set amount of time?
  2. How do I measure resource consumption for ipfs daemon?
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Hm, are you running version older than v0.4.12? Try upgrading to v0.4.13.

Older versions were missing connection closing logic, which is known to cause problems you described:

Note: It’ll still consume a fair amount of CPU/memory. If you want, you can reduce some CPU usage by not acting as a DHT node (pass --routing=dhtclient to the daemon). That should reduce the CPU usage to a reasonable amount (I run it on my laptop without issue).

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I’m using verion 0.4.13 on a VPS with 512MB of RAM and the daemon is killed out of memory every hour.

Would be very nice to have an option to limit the number of peers and that way limite the memory consuption.

Yestarday in a discussion with @stebalien on Github, he told me about a new configuration introduced on version 0.4.13 to limit the numbers of peers that a daemon can connect to.

This link provides information about the configuration:

I’ve just set new values on one of my nodes running on a DO VPS with 512MB of RAM and hope it helps to stop get killed by out of memory errors.

Below the github link.

Hope it helps.