IPFS Tools - ipfs-tools.zil Helpful website to View, Explore, Download & Stream CID Data

This is my first topic here & hope its helpful for all IPFS Community.
I’ve started using IPFS lately & I faced problem that some gateways not viewing my CID’s.
so i started to make Simple html form that help me to view my cid with different gateways, and i added also some other tools to explore cid data that offered by IPFS and some video viewers just to be in one place.
iam writing this topic to share that html form with all of you, hope it’s helpful.
i made it with different ways.

First, i made static website on Unstoppable domains and i use (html, css & javascript):
you can view it as cid with any gateway
View it using IPNS:
IPFS Tools - ipfs-tools.zil (cf-ipfs.com)
IPFS Tools - ipfs-tools.zil (ipfs-gateway.cloud)
IPFS Tools - ipfs-tools.zil (litnet.work)

Second, I made another website using (html, css & php):
to be easily updated & Developed
Wish you find it helpful.

Here is some screenshots for it:

For Example:


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I love it! thank you!!

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You are welcome … wish it helps
i added IPNS Hash for This Website to be upgradable

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