IPFS YouTube channel in IPFS?


Out of curiosity, are any of videos in IPFS YouTube channel - see link below - also stored in IPFS ?

I am not sure about copyright / license for those videos,
but some of the tutorials could be pinned and maybe even used offline - ie. travel.

Just wondering. Thanks for reading.

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You can check the license with the expend button under each video, it seems like it’s always CC-BY but you will have to check videos.

I guess a script youtube-dl on the channel, then check the licenses and finally upload to IPFS with an JSON index and and frontend fecthing this would works.

Thanks @Jorropo.

I know there are third party tools to download content.

What I wanted to know if IPFS core developers and community would be interested to share and have these videos about IPFS development on IPFS.

Is just an idea so I will leave it here - maybe some day we will have the content in IPFS.

Thank you all.

I don’t know if they would be interested, but since the license is Creative Common Attribution you can do it anyway :).

D.tube is Free Software for distributed hosting and sharing of videos. Dtube lets you use IPFS to share the content. As far as I can see at the moment, it looks like the most Freedom supporting platform for video sharing. I think it ought to be the default for video content relating to IPFS.

In practice, this would mean that the IPFS community would always share their videos on D.tube using IPFS, and if they wanted, additionally include them on other platforms too, like LBRY, etc.

You can see a main D.Tube instance here:

People stream on d.live:

You can see how to setup and run your own instance of D.Tube here:

(If somebody could improve the tutorial on setting up ipfs-uploader here, that would be great!)