IPLD (Web) Linking Question


I’ve been working on a weekend side project for Exploring DAGs within a browser, rather than just via “ipfs dag get”.

An initial version is available here: https://ipfs.io/ipfs/Qme17F8qAfbJzjJuq1WCQbPa7URYQBdKaZj2n2ZNtU9ZoU/#zdpuAt7F9rM47RjsJ5A1f4rRFbNYfw8E2Tgq4VYsZmN7ZYM81

My question is whether the IPLD linking conforms to the spec. I read the spec, but couldn’t find anything on how to display a link to another object with HTML / on the web.



Hey, that’s a really cool DAG Explorer! Thanks for making that! Is the source available somewhere?

My question is whether the IPLD linking conforms to the spec

Not sure what the question is here and to which specification you’re referring to, could you please specify the details a bit more?

It is a single HTML file, with a jquery file and a css file, so you can easily ifps get Qme17F8qAfbJzjJuq1WCQbPa7URYQBdKaZj2n2ZNtU9ZoU to explore it locally. I’m happy to license it under any open source license people wish.

My question is that the IPLD spec doesn’t seem to cover how links should be displayed to a human outside of a shell environment, I decided to link both the key and converted link, for example here: https://ipfs.io/ipfs/Qme17F8qAfbJzjJuq1WCQbPa7URYQBdKaZj2n2ZNtU9ZoU/#zdpuAt7F9rM47RjsJ5A1f4rRFbNYfw8E2Tgq4VYsZmN7ZYM81/0 but I’m not sure if that’s in keeping with the spirit of the spec?

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