Is content-addressing faster than location-addressing?

From @RichardLitt on Thu Jul 28 2016 20:30:10 GMT+0000 (UTC)

Another way this could be phrased, I think, is this: Is searching through a merkledag data structure faster than a traditional filesystem? Or: How is IPFS faster than HTTP (and does that question make sense?)?

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From @warlord500 on Thu Dec 01 2016 21:32:34 GMT+0000 (UTC)

content addressing and location addressing just ways to refer to a particular file. neither is necessarily slower or faster. location addressing tells the computer where to find a file. content addressing says uses this file/data with this hash for this purpose. content doesn’t tell you how to get said file. while location addressing does.

with content addressing I can technically get the file from more places because as long as the file matches the hash I referring to the same data. so I could techinally get the file from my neighbor.
as long as check the hash,

however location addressing usually refers to a single location on the internet. It means to get said file I have to trust that server.