Is possible to find out new added block numbers into local repo after each “ipfs add file”?

I would like to find new added block numbers into local repo, after each ipfs add file. This could be reported after each ipfs add is done on the output of the results.

First time if I do ipfs add file transferred data size should be hash object’s original size. But later when I do ipfs add file with the same hash, since the object blocks are already cached it should be 0, where added block number will be 0 as well. Is it possible to find out that?

[Q] Is it possible to find out added block number into repo after each ipfs add file operation? From the block number I guess I can obtain the total size of blocks added into local repo.

Please note that I can do ipfs repo stat before and after ipfs add file to observe change on RepoSize. But if there is another ipfs add processing in parallel on the background, ipfs repo stat will not work, where it will affected from both parallel running ipfs add operations. So it will be efficient to provide output for each ipfs add to see new added blocks into the local repo.