Is there any provision to choose ipfs-cluster peer for content replication?

Yes. I think that was the problem, as the replication value is satisfied it wasn’t pinning. So, I changed the replication flag value to 2 and gave one allocation value (PEER 1) and then it pinned. Showing the two peerid values in the allocation.

What does the metadata column in pin add command in cluster-ctl?
How is it useful and what is the data to be provided to it ?

Thank you

You can store arbitrary information with the pin.

Is there any flag or option to add a meta data to ipfs files write command, when we add a file to ipfs?

The hashes that we pin on to the cluster node are shown in ipfs pin ls.

How do we add the file paths in such a way when we do ipfs files ls on the node shows the paths added by the other nodes.

I used ipfs-cluster-ctl add filename.txt
The above command seems to work same as ipfs add as they don’t show on ipfs files ls until and unless explicitly we run ipfs cp hash /filename.txt

So, doing cluster-ctl add command doesn’t show the file paths in ipfs files ls in the node that we are trying to add too.

  1. Is there any way on how we can add file paths when we pin the hashes from local to remote node in the cluster?
  2. ipfs-cluster-ctl add doesn’t show up file names in remote machine when we type ipfs files ls. and I didn’t find any ipfs-cluster-clt cp command so that the hash can be assigned to path and can be listed in ipfs files ls.

Thank you

That is not possible. Cluster is just going to pin or unpin, it does not deal with MFS.

Sure thank you for the help :slight_smile: