PIN numbers issue in ipfs-cluster

In the ipfs-cluster system, can We specify different pin numbers for different files?

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Yes. Check replication factor flags in ipfs-cluster-ctl pin add --help.

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Your reply is perfect, I use “ipfs-cluster-ctl pin add HASH -r num” that can adjust the number of copies of a file.
But I still have a new question.
When I use Composite clusters, how do I accurately adjust the number of copies of a file in Composite clusters?

It’s the same. -r adjusts the number of ipfs daemons to store the pin in the cluster. In composite cluster, a subcluster acts as a single ipfs daemon.

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I understand what you mean, but I now need different files with different copy numbers.
In composite cluster, the -r option only adjusts the number of pins on each node( acts as a single ipfs daemon) at the parent cluster level, not the actual number of pins of a object.
So I want to know if there is a method for accurately specifying the copy number of an object in the composite cluster.
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Ah, no, there is no way to transfer such information to the subcluster to indicate how many times the item should be pinned in it because we are limited by the IPFS [Proxy] API capabilities. Subclusters will pin using the default replication factor from the configuration, which applies to all pins in the subcluster.