Is there any website provide ipns service?

is there any website provide ipns service expect

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wdym by “website provide ipns” ?
Do you mean a website with an API or interface to create and manages IPNS records ?
If I don’t know any, but you can do this “easly” (easy if you know bash) in bash (but since you are asking this question I don’t think this fits your purpose.).

Search for “IPFS pinning services”. Pinata is another good one.

Last time I checked (1w ago) Pinata doesn’t supported IPNS yet.

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I know that I can publish ipns by bash ,but I don’t know how long this method take to finish publishing.If my ipfs desktop stops,is this ipns valid ?

I think i know exactly what you mean as your question reminds me of myself when i was playing with IPNS magic for the first time :slight_smile:

Here’s my take on it.

What you are probably looking for is a service which keeps your IPNS record alive so that it resolves when you use it. You’re searching for a service that publishes your IPNS to at least a dozen (preferably more) nodes.

I have thought about setting up such a service. It wouldn’t even be that expensive to spin up, say, 30 IPFS nodes and either write some custom code to re-publish IPNS records everywhere or to use ipfs-cluster. There are a couple tricky parts here that keep me from doing this:

  1. Updating all nodes… There are tools to automate it but it’s definitely fragile. Hence monitoring it becomes a necessity. Which adds a whole new can of troubles.
  2. Just having this service isn’t enough. You then probably want to have some way to update your IPNS record with a new ipfs hash (basically the same that happens when you do ipfs publish but just using this cluster). Hence some form of API would need to be created.
  3. Due to said API, security becomes a thing… As just having a public API free and open is bound to be abused sooner or later.
  4. And due to 3 and 4, you’d now need a site with information…

Shameless plug… I still would like to make something like this but not on my own. It “seems” fairly simple to me to run it. Just to get it up and running is the complex part. Anyone willing to help? :slight_smile:

Same as with IPFS. If nobody pins your content and you’re the only one then stopping your local IPFS means your content won’t be available.
If there is none keeping your IPNS record alive then it’s the exact same story as for IPFS. By default, you are the only one hosting the IPNS record. Others become hosters of it when they request it. It will then stay alive as long as the TTL (i think it was TTL?) is valid which I think is for either 24 or 48 hours.

I’ve concluded the only real safe way to store data on IPFS at this point is host it yourself. I mean even if Google and Amazon were in the IPFS game I still wouldn’t rely on them even frankly. If you have data you want to keep you have to ensure you have your own redundant backups. The few IPFS pinning services there are out there are pretty simple, new, and not all that advanced.

I do have a platform I just finished that supports IPFS uploading. Not a small one. 250,000 loc. It’s a web platform that has the ability to upload IPFS files and would be the perfect thing to build an entire pinning service on. If you want to start a pinning service, my code gets you 90% of the way there (as long as you like Java+TypeScript) on day one. :slight_smile: I might actually create a commercial pinning service myself, but I need to find the venture capital first, which will be hard because why would anyone pay me when they can just grab all my code for free. lol.

It’s here:
source here:

BTW, if you’re into the Fediverse it has ActivityPub implementation also (only the second Java ActivityPub to ever be created, according to my research)

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You might have misunderstood it.
We’re talking about keeping IPNS records alive. It’s not exactly like DNS records, but compare it with them for ease of understanding. We’re not talking about keeping files online.

These records need to be kept alive to do the IPNS -> IPFS lookup. I personally was in that annoying situation where my IPFS data was perfectly fine and hosted (by pinata) but the IPNS record expired. The usecase here is DNSLink where you map a domain to some IPFS data where you quite likely want to have IPNS.


I may not have even mentioned IPNS specifically (because when I say IPFS I mean it to encompass all these technologies and pinning services) so you completely misunderstood me if you interpreted anything I said in a way that doesn’t apply directly to IPNS.

2 Likes might be implementing IPNS Caching based on the website:

Auto-cache updates to IPNS records for fast updates to mutable NFTs.

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Nft Storage, Pinata, fleek, 4EVERLAND and so on.

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