Kad dht routing table empty

I am running a local WebRTC star signaling server locally. When I run two libp2p instances (with webrtc star transport and kad dht enabled), the two peers are connected automatically and I see it in their peerstore. But when I use the get function of DHT, it says the routing table is empty.

I didn’t specify any peer discovery module. If it is necessary, which one should I use?

modules: {
transport: [WebRTCStar],
connEncryption: [NOISE],
dht: KadDHT,

Hey @th-781
The DHT seems not to be enabled:. Check this: js-libp2p/CONFIGURATION.md at master · libp2p/js-libp2p · GitHub

The config should be true. However, it seems that you are trying to use the DHT in the browser, which is not recommended at this point.I recommend that you have a look at the delegate nodes as they are the best option at the moment for the browser