Kademlia DHT and node's PeerID

Hi, from reading about Kademlia DHT algorithm I see that a node can be located on the network using a Connection Details + Node ID:

Kademlia routing tables consist of a list for each bit of the node ID. (e.g. if a node ID consists of 128 bits, a node will keep 128 such lists .) A list has many entries. Every entry in a list holds the necessary data to locate another node. The data in each list entry is typically the IP address , port , and node ID of another node.

If my node pins some content and announces it to the DHT network. What happens if my node’s IP changes but my PeerID stays the same?

Will I have republish all the content to the DHT?

In simple terms, there are 2 types of records:

  • content to peer ID
  • peer ID to IP address.

Therefore you only need to update your Peer record with your new IP address.

The exact answer I was hoping for, otherwise it would be very unfortunate.

Thanks Hector!