Key signing IPFS api

Hey there guys, thanks for the great work you’ve been doing, this is my first post here.


Any updates on the missing keystore functionality described in this spec?

Specifically those features that would be useful to encrypt a message to be sent over pubsub
I suppose I can probably do that without using the spec’d IPFS api but it would make total sense to use the api if it were available. Not a lot of additional work would be needed, just the ability to sign something would be enough as key generation and key management is almost all there already

I’ve just found this issue that remains open

the latest action on this front appears to be on the JS api

But that doesn’t clarify what’s the status of the same functionality for the core daemon api, typically usable through the port 5001 endpoint using an http client on any other programming language.
(I’m modelling some core features of an application using Ruby, and implementing the rest of it in Go)

Any further guidance or pointers will be much appreciated, thank you in advance!

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