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Fascinating meetup in Philly.

I had some questions relating to journalism, how Filecoin might facilitate a new journalism content ecosystem that rewards journalists in ways they haven’t been rewarded before. Vettage is decentralized, collaborative multimedia journalism just about to enter a beta, and I’d like to invite people to test drive to improve collaboration towards a better journalism and better journalism business model.

For now there’s an early site at beta.vettage.com – built in PHP but looking to migrate into JavaScript with IPFS for content collaboration. As independent signup is currently disabled, feel free to message me to create a new login.

First question would be, if, in fact, it is possible for IPFS users to decline from hosting bad content, how could that be ensured in a collaborative content ecosystem like Vettage’s?

Second question would center upon financials – are Filecoin’s incentives to engage with content enough for journalists to want to be involved? How to get this message out to them?

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