Filecoins for the little guys?

Hi all,

I was just reading about the new filecoin sale and got excited. How neat. I followed the links to get approved, and then found out that being an “accredited investor” means being a “rich investor”

Bummer. This seems kind of like a “centralizing” rather than “distributing” investment policy. Are only the already powerful able to get in on the ground floor? That’s a recipe for the consolidation of control not the distribution of control. Maybe I’m missing something.

I guess I’ll just try to earn some coins by sharing my hard drive on the network :slight_smile:


I’m in Europe. Would I be allowed to buy? Seems like a US thing, right?

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There is the early miner program for non-accredited investors:

I :heart: your enthusiasm. Both of you actively contribute to these forums. You spend a lot of time brining IPFS into the world and making the IPFS community great. Protocol Labs are working hard to make sure that open source contributors will also benefit from incentivized systems like Filecoin. Becoming a miner will be one of the main ways to participate, but we have a number of additional ideas that we intend to explore as the network evolves.

As @jbenet discusses in this interview with YCombinator, we want to find ways to ensure that people who help build an ecosystem are rewarded fairly for their contributions. That’s a really hard problem, but it’s a worthy one. We think protocol tokens offer new options in this domain. Further discussion would be premature, but there are a lot of ideas buried in ipfs/notes if you want to dive deep.

Please direct Filecoin Discussions Elsewhere

We don’t want this forum to be overrun with questions and speculation about Filecoin or the token sale. We want it to stay focused on IPFS, libp2p and the surrounding ecosystem, so we’re asking people to direct Filecoin-related and investment-related discussions elsewhere. There’s a /r/filecoin subreddit. That’s a good place for discussions like this. For official info, please read,, and watch for information on the protocol labs blog

There will be ample technical discussion about the implementation of Filecoin in the coming months. For now, the only info is the new whitepaper


Posts on this topic have a tendency to attract an onslaught of comments that become toxic really fast. This is not the venue for those discussions. If people start posting further questions or discussion about token sales, accreditation, etc. I will lock the thread and unlist it.


Ok, no problem. I was mostly just being silly. Everything looks really exciting. I’m reading the white paper now and hope to follow the developments closely. :slight_smile:

@flyingzumwalt I would be more than happy for you to delete this thread, since this isn’t the right venue for the topic or discussion (and it sounds like it could provoke unhelpful discussions). I just got excited and interested in the topic this morning and this was only place I was familiar with for discussion). Sorry again. :frowning: