Funding IPFS/Filecoin

IPFS and Filecoin got some funding, which is great of course. I wish more people would invest in free software! But the obvious question is… what are the interests of the investors? Since IPFS is free software, I don’t think their plan is to sell licenses or selling the source code, unless they decide to change license. Is there any remote possibility that investors will try to change IPFS license from MIT to proprietary? Or that they’ll try to turn it into “free core” and sell premium features for IPFS?
On the other hand there is Filecoin, and I don’t see how they could make a profit from Filecoin unless they plan to control payments and transactions (which goes without saying, is definitely something that users won’t accept).

IPFS is an internet protocol, not yet another platform or app. No proprietary internet protocol has had any significant success since the 90’s, as that would create interoperability issues in todays world of billions of internet connected devices.

On the issue of Filecoin needing to be regulated, well Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies succeded without that.