Libp2p pubsub vs IPFS pubsub

Are there significant differences, or is the IPFS implementation just a wrapper around the the libp2p library? If I only need the pubsub feature of IPFS, am I better off with libp2p alone, ior s it still beneficial to use IPFS instead?

IPFS sits on top of more than one libp2p layer, it currently is in a state referred to by its internal workers a ‘floodsub’ prototype.

You can do cool things now, like dynamic websites, live chat. but it doesn’t scale that well, as it’s not using a tracker and chose to flood all the nodes with new data driven events. It’s a prototype (which works greatly) now and they are working on it to make it better. (If anyone knows mroe about libp2p’s pubsub and fill in more information I would appreciate it too)

Take a look at pubsub on ipfs :Take a look at pubsub on IPFS | IPFS Blog & News

@Xyncgas I think that link you provided is way out of date. 5 years old. Currently I think PubSub has been improved very much and is an improved GossipSub MUCH more efficient than the original floodsub: