Linux/systemd ipfs.service variables "User=ipfs" (or my username) and "ipfs daemon --init --migrate" switches


on Linux i can setup a file so ipfs is handled as a service:

I have questions. Should i really use:

instead of my username? I have used my username and excluded Group line and it works…

Regarding variable
ExecStart=/usr/bin/ipfs daemon --init --migrate

these switches are used here for some reason, or just so it is more universal and if not initialized yet or using old profile so this command fixes this automatically? I am not using any switches currently.

Latest version i have.
Thank you

On servers we normally isolate the IPFS process with its own user and group. If you are not running a dedicated machine for it, and rather do “home” usage… then you can use whatever.

Used so that ipfs can re-start if it’s not initalized or is upgraded and the upgrade has a migration. Just that.

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