Looking for feedback on an idea, Authoritative DNS server for IPNS

I’ve been experimenting a lot with IPNS lately, and that also meant dealing with resolution and publish times that could be short, or very long (I’ve had resolution times take up to 1-1.5 minutes on average). As such I was thinking of different ways that these delays that occur with IPNS interaction to be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

The idea centers around creating an authoritative “DNS Server” for a select few IPNS records. Say your website example.org is publishing content on IPFS and IPNS. Your website will have a set of zones, and records stored on IPFS and IPNS, but also available as queries to a special node which accepts connections over libp2p.

I just published a wiki article on my project’s confluence space, and would like to get some feedback (good, bad, roasts, etc…) on this idea. https://rtradetechnologies.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/TEM/pages/16875550/TNS+Temporal+Name+Server